Youth Options

Youth Options Unlimited – Ensuring All Youth Reach Their Potential

The research is clear: communities that make children a priority experience significant gains beyond improved youth outcomes. Expanding the quality of public education, preparing young minds for kindergarten, enhancing recreational areas for children and teens,  improving the walkability of neighborhoods and more benefits everyone in the community.

Kids’ Zip Code Matters More than Genetic Code

All children deserve the chance to grow up strong and healthy. Yet options for youth to reach their full potential  varies greatly by the neighborhood in which they live. Wimauma community members recognize that a better community environment is a key driver of children’s long-term success. Our Youth Options Unlimited (YOU) initiative focuses on building partnerships and taking action to turn this community vision into reality.

For roughly 2,300 youth living in Wimauma, there’s not a moment to waste:

  • 44.5% of Wimauma children live in poverty — nearly double the statewide poverty level. Adverse Childhood Experiences such as abuse, neglect, and violence are more prevalent for those living in poverty.
  • Wimauma lacks adequate sidewalks, street lights and public transportation in many areas.
  • Currently, there’s very few organized programming for children, and options for middle- and high school-age youth are virtually non-existent.