Workforce Development

Ensuring Adults Have Career Readiness

The Wimauma CDC supports business and workforce development to secure the next phase of career growth in Wimauma.

The WCDC focuses on careers that uplift and grow the cultural history of Wimaima.  This means celebrating and supporting small businesses. Encouraging community support for local small businesses.

We also work to support all businesses to understand their business needs and how they support their community. Working with businesses to connect with residents and support WCDC efforts to foster community engagement.

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Youth Development

Ensuring All Youth and Young Adults Reach Their Potential

Communities that invest in children experience significant gains beyond improved youth outcomes. Expanding quality education and training, preparing young minds for school, enhancing recreational areas, and improving the arts and community engagement boost benefits for everyone in the community.

Support shouldn't end for young adults 18-24 years old. This is a pivotal time in their lives to make a lasting impact on their future. Young adults need mentorship, vocational training, and internship opportunities. Critical to a community on the rise, young adults must see hope in their future and a path to success.

The Wimauma CDC works to ensure the support of our future generations. Join us in our work to provide opportunities for all children.

Zip Code Matters More than Genetic Code

All children deserve the chance to grow up strong and healthy, but results vary greatly based on zip code. In Wimauma, community members recognize that a better community environment is a key driver of children’s long-term success. At the Wimauma CDC, we work to build partnerships and take action to turn this community into a supportive and thriving environment for our youth.

Workforce and Youth Development