Economic Opportunities

Economic Development and Business Support

A Leader in Wimauma Economic Development

The WCDC proactively creates an environment for private industry to generate and retain jobs and for people of all economic backgrounds to thrive. We do this through coordinating with local business and county leaders, as well as elected officials at all levels of government, to make systemic community-level changes


Key Facts about Wimauma

  • The Wimauma economy employs more than three thousand people.
  • There is a rich mixed culture. While it is predominantly Hispanic/Latino, there is a historic Black community and a mix of white long-term and new community.
  • The largest industry is Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting. With the recent development boom, there are new construction and manufacturing jobs.
  • The population is about ten thousand people with a median age of 28.8 and a median household income of $35,741.
  • The population continues to evolve with an increase in both population size and median household income

Wimauma Business Network

Uplifting the Business Community

Like our residential advocacy, our growing business advocacy is thriving. The WCDC works to support local business growth and opportunity. We connect with local business leaders at their places of business to understand their needs and impact on the community. We strive to create a connected business community to support the rapid changes in Wimauma.

Connect with us on social media, at outreach events, or contact us. We would love to connect with your business and community.

Agricultural Reinvestment & Environmental Clean Up

Preserving Wimaum's Agrulcutral History while Making Way of New Economic Opportunities 

Historic Wimauma thrived on agriculture. Our farmworker community has called Wimauma home for generations. Many of the farmworker legacy families still call Wimauma home. The agricultural history is paramount to telling Wimaum's history.

Historic Wimauma left an environmentally hazard situation due to the long-term use of pesticides. We are working on efforts to clean up agricultural lands and vacant land that can be repurposed into new economic opportunities. We're working with local researchers, environmental groups, and local government to identify properties and develop plans for economic opportunities for Wimauma.