Housing & Home Ownership

Quality Housing for All Individuals and Families

Wimauma is the fastest-growing part of Hillsborough County. We have the highest rate of growth and development and the trend is projected to continue. Without significant advocacy, Wimauma’s supply of quality housing will continue to shrink.

At the Wimauma CDC, we collaborate with local government and nonprofit partners to monitor and advocate for housing development that will support future generations in Wimauma. We work to identify and curate housing solutions for all cultures in our community.

A Top Community Priority in Wimauma

Hardworking families and individuals in Wimauma continue to feel the economic impact of inflation. Our key focus continues to be on monitoring and advocating housing solutions for all Wimauma residents.

High Housing Cost Burdens

  • Over 36% of Hillsborough households face a high housing cost burden where they spend more than 30% of their income on housing.
  • 50% of renters in Hillsborough County are severely cost-burdened with rent exceeding more than half of their income.
  • The median household income in Wimauma is $35,741. That is nearly $20K less than the statewide median.
  • The median owner-occupied home value in Wimauma is $108,000 – roughly half of the other areas in Hillsborough Counties.