Affordable Housing

Quality Housing for All Individuals and Families

Wimauma is the fastest-growing part of Hillsborough County. We have the highest rate of growth and development and the trend is projected to continue. Without significant advocacy, Wimauma’s supply of quality housing will continue to shrink.

At the Wimauma CDC, we collaborate with local government and nonprofit partners to monitor and advocate for housing development that will support future generations in Wimauma. We work to identify and curate housing solutions for all cultures in our community.

A Top Community Priority in Wimauma

Hardworking families and individuals in Wimauma continue to feel the economic impact of inflation. Our key focus continues to be on monitoring and advocating housing solutions for all Wimauma residents.

High Housing Cost Burdens

  • Over 36% of Hillsborough households face a high housing cost burden where they spend more than 30% of their income on housing.
  • 50% of renters in Hillsborough County are severely cost-burdened with rent exceeding more than half of their income.
  • The median household income in Wimauma is $35,741. That is nearly $20K less than the statewide median.
  • The median owner-occupied home value in Wimauma is $108,000 – roughly half of the other areas in Hillsborough Counties.
Housing & Homeownership
Wimauma Ground Breaking
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Florida Home Partnership is the premier affordable housing developer in South Shore. 

Home Ownership and Rental Assistance

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, resources are available to help you. Hillsborough County and its nonprofit partner make available local, state, and federal funds to help those struggling with one-time events preventing them from maintaining their housing. Check out the opportunities below.

Hillsborough No Cost Home Repairs and Financial Assistance

Wimauma Connects has several housing assistance programs. They assist with housing repairs and financial assistance for those who are behind on their rent or utilities. Assistance is available throughout the year from several Tampa organizations.

Hillsborough First Time Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance

The Down Payment Assistance program provides a second mortgage loan to eligible home buyers to help them with down payment and closing costs. This program is run by the Housing Finance Authority (HFA).

Land Trust and Land Leasing

The WCDC has a history of securing land for commnity good and allocating those land resources to community benefits projects. We will purchase, swap, or be donated land within Wimauma and work to find an investment to create a new community good project. Community Goofd Projects are projects that expand one of our pillars and meet an unmet need in our community.

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Wimauma Community Cemetary

The Wimauma Community Cememtary, located at First Prospect Baptist Church, has a rich history in Wimauma. In 2011, the WCDC deeded two lots of land to First Prospect Baptist Church for the Wimauma cemetery. The exchange was land for $10.00.

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Edina Street Property

The WCDC secured this property as part of our land trust efforts. We have engaged community interest in this space for many years around future community good projects. This property currently remains vacant.