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Wimauma Land Use Study

The Hillsborough Planning Commission recently sent out an email thanking everyone who attended the Wimauma Open House on Wednesday, March 4, and the three-day workshop that followed. The feedback they received regarding development patterns and community characteristics is invaluable to this ongoing process.
Because not everyone was able to attend the meeting, video of the final community presentation summarizing the community input gathered during the workshop is now available on theWVR-2 project web page, and you are invited to take a survey and share your thoughts by clicking the button below. The survey will be open until Thursday, April 16.

Estudio sobre el uso de las tierras de Wimauma

Gracias a todos aquellos que asistieron a la reunión pública en Wimauma el miércoles 4 de marzo y al taller de tres días que se llevó a cabo a continuación. Los comentarios que recibimos sobre el desarrollo y las características de la comunidad son muy valiosos durante este proceso.
Entendemos que no todos pudieron asistir a la reunión. En lapágina web del proyecto WVR-2se puede ver un vídeo de la presentación final a la comunidad que resume la información obtenida durante el taller. Le invitamos a realizar una encuesta y a compartir sus ideas haciendo clic en el botón que figura a continuación. La encuesta estará disponible hasta el jueves 16 de abril. 

Project Overview

The purpose of this study is to provide an analysis of development trends affecting current and future development for Residential Planned-2 (RP-2) designated lands located in Balm and Sun City Center, and with community input, make changes to the requirements of that land use category.

Welcome to the Residential Planned (RP-2) April 7th, Virtual Community Work Session. The virtual workshop is a continuation of the conversation from the March 11, 2020 Open House. Included is a presentation with accompanying audio and an online survey. The presentation will provide an overview of the study, summary of previous community input, initial recommendations and project next steps. Please take the time to provide feedback in the online survey (above) – your input will help guide land use regulations.